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Using wi-fi routers ("mesh system" 2012? qst)

Oct 3rd 2015, 19:07


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Rather then re-post.....again and again,,, I was hoping that someone would see it again and answer my question.
I do not have any portable internet devices such as every one else, so it might take me a long time to get to a library to see replies to this post,,sorry about this.
I have not gotten around to trying to understand the "Mesh System" which was written up in qst a long time ago but what I am wondering is: can I have tiny digital simplex wireless microphones rather then the full duplex internet video that was used in the system?
And I want to hook all these toghether around the block without the internet.
This would be like one big "conference call" for all to keep in touch especially shut ins.
Many folks cannot afford computers and the internet.
This is especially important during a disaster.
As with the mesh system, can we just use used or surplus Linksys (or whatever) routers? or ham equipment that does the same thing.
apparenty these are just thrown away as there are so many updates to the technology used.
I guess I'll never understand this till I can find the original qst article.
So it looks as if, once everyone participating around the block (I know impossible feat) obtains their ham licenses to operate on 2.4 ghz, we still have to use full duplex systems as in internet.
It would be nice to just find a receiver to just pick up all the microphones around the block then have them all on a down link channel or broadcast on an lpfm (not part15) radio station.
Oh, again, as I mentioned I always have cc&rs and antenna restrictions wherever I have to live.
Feb 16th 2018, 11:08


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Rather belated update but I showed the picture in qst of the BT and Parrot earphones and four wheel drive perched on the side of the cliff (dont try to cut & paste this and send it to a non ham you will get blocked and not see this article again!) He is a computer guru and said this is a Rasberry Pie. oops! Sorry I was trying to update the other post and Lost the hot spot connection, theres no cut & psts so you have to read it hea
I couldnt find the same BT & earphones as the ham kit at candy store, so I still dont know where I can buy it I dont think its rasberry pie.

Feb 21st 2018, 11:42


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