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Raspberry Pi low power contesting

Apr 24th 2017, 22:42


Joined: Feb 23rd 2017, 05:06
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Has anybody used a low power computer such as a raspberry Pi (with soundmodem or TNC-Pi) on battery power? I'm thinking about doing it and I found a low power 10 inch 12v monitor (pulls 500mA at 12v) too.
May 11th 2017, 17:28


Joined: Mar 16th 2015, 21:41
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I have not,...sort of, but have used arduino using rfm22b and rfm69 to send rtty, feld hell, and CW on 70cm and 33cm, 10 mW. Works great. I'm also playing with RPI with an antenna hooked up to a GPO port, mixed modes and FM on HF to VHF. I intend to hook up my signalink to a PI but at the moment am playing with that and my softrock doing wspr on Win10/10m. I would love to see more discussion about these aspects of the hobby.
May 31st 2017, 20:27


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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No reason that you could not do it. I am using my Raspberry Pi 3 station to run JT65 & JT9 into my HF rig. Worked Russia last night on 20M.

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