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Flash & Pass cards

Jan 27th 2019, 18:57


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First, there should be a "General Discussion" category under "Education". This would allow us to provide feedback on the study materials we buy here. Thus, I had to post my comment here.

That said, I just want to say that the Flash & Pass cards are excellent!

But I have no idea why they say they are a "convenient size -- 5.5 inches". 5.5" is the opposite of "convenient"!

The cards are just--frustratingly enough--a half inch wider than a standard index card, so they won't fit in the handy, ubiquitous index card file boxes you can find anywhere and everywhere.

I am wondering what the genius who decided to make the flash cards a totally INCONVENIENT size was thinking about! HIHI

That said, why doesn't Flash & Pass make a box to keep our cards all organized in? I'd buy one in a heartbeat! There are HUNDREDS of cards in each set!

Regarding the otherwise excellent cards, put those *Thinking Caps* back on folks--you took them off way too soon!

May 14th, 01:08


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