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NANOVNA SWR readings

Nov 10th 2019, 17:19


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I received my technicians license about a year ago and I'm studying for the general I currently have a Boefang HD UV 82HP(rookie mistake) an old kenwood-TW-4000 that someone gave me. But you should see my Christmas list. One area that have drawing my attention are types antennas and performance. I have read a lot of articles and bought a NanoVNA to measure the SWR on the HD antenna that I have. The scan provided me with some output, but I am not sure exactly how to interpret the findings. The forum doesn't provide a method to upload a file so I'll do my best to describe it. The S11 graph: Y axis (.09,1), X axis (140.0m,160m). The plot line was (.58,.26,.38). The S11 VSWR Y axis (1.0,4), the X axis was the same. Its plot was (3.73,1.60,2.39). The S11 return loss(db) graph Y axis (0,20) X axis the same. The loss plot, was (4.9,11,7.5). How do I go about interpreting the findings? I have already started to build a simple ground plane antenna but a need a reference point to understand the NanoVNA graphs as I try and tune it.
I hope this make sense to someone. Being so new that this it can get a bit frustration as I learn to walk in this new realm
Nov 12th 2019, 14:58


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Alan W2AEW has good Youtube videos
#158: Directional Coupler Basics & how to sweep SWR of an antenna | Return Loss | VSWR
About 10 minutes in he talks about return loss.

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