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Setting up for Award

May 24th 2021, 14:28


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Trying to get set up to even see what LoTW credits I have for a WAS and can't find any info on a link to get started...

Why does this have to be so complicated...

Just got a QRZ certificate and am only 5 shy for an EQSL...

I don't remember it being this difficult when I got my Bicentennial WAS years ago.....

May 25th 2021, 09:56


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Under the Awards link in LoTW is where you will find your WAS account(s). If you are only tracking awards from one location it is not necessary to configure this screen for more than one account. Most hams label their account with their callsign and WAS (eg: W1AW - WAS). This is all that is needed. From your one location you track any and all awards right here.

Do not set up WAS account for each band or mode etc. Doing this could cause a conflict where the set up of QSOs for an award might not be distributed properly. Having one account will assure you that all credits towards WAS are given.

When you set up your WAS, at least, one rule is required. If you are working all from one location all you need to use is either the callsign rule or state rule. Anything more might cause QSOs to not be distributed properly and you might not be able to claim all the credits available to you.

Also, if you have multiple callsigns but they are all from the same location, or location within 50 miles as noted in WAS rule 3, after setting up the rule on your primary callsign just add the other callsigns to the same account. Again, if you do a separate account for each you might not get all of the credits you are entitled to. Also, after configuring the rules be sure to change ALL to ANY so that WAS recognizes any combination of callsigns for the same account.

For configuration, again, just one account from the same location is all you need. As noted in WAS rule 3 there is a 50 mile rule so anything you do within this rule counts towards your one account. If you exceed 50 miles you must set up a second account. You can feed both awards as needed but keep in mind the 50 mile rule for each account.

Applicants who travel, especially abroad, can set there WAS account up for each DX callsign based on the LoTW certificate you have.

If you are not sure about configuring a rule, STOP and contact the WAS awards manager for assistance:

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