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metal roofs and long wire antennas Sep 22nd 2011, 19:25 5 17,601 on 16/10/21

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metal roofs and long wire antennas HAGL290 on 26/9/11
my existing attic antenna is not grounded at all, just wraped arounded the attic several times, down through the ceiling to my 2nd floor bedroom and straight to my LISTENING radio ( tecsun pl660 with synchronous detection ). it works great ! even australia is usually fairly easy to pick up here in N.C. but what did you mean by "but just on top instead of being below". i'm not that educated in electronics like alot of you guys are. my contractor says the metal roof will be "floating" not grounded as you refered to. are you sugesting that i connect the loose end of the long wire ( 200 ft +-) antenna to the peak of the metal roof ? i'll try it; however, what about lightning strikes or induced current from a nearby strike. what do you think. thanks joe kj4qnr ( hagl290 )
metal roofs and long wire antennas HAGL290 on 22/9/11
has anyone had experience dealing with longwire antennas in the attic that has a METAL roof. my current antenna setup with an asphalt roof works quite well, however i'm concerened that as we switch to a metal roof my reception will drop considerably. any sugestions would be quite helpfull. thanks joe KJ4QNR

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