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Running A High School Amateur Radio Club; What to do and what not to do? N8ERF on 16/5/13
I'm also involved in the very early phases of starting a ham radio club at a small arts and technology charter high school. I've been working with one of the teachers who polled the students, and found that 12 of the 50 or so students would enjoy participating.
I'll be looking at the existing curriculum, offering licensing classes for the students, scheduling demos of gear and techniques with our local Ham Radio store, and working to acquire gear and installing it at the school. Perhaps we'll be able to do fox hunts and some summer events like Field Day.

Where this is a charter school, and quite small, it's a different environment than most public schools. Maybe we'll be able to start a club station, and get parents involved as well. I'm excited about the possibilities - and the fact that these kids really enjoy technology.

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