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LED light bulbs cause RFI NN7D on 11/2/16
Last week I purchased 3 two packs of FEIT BR30 LED bulbs from Costco. I was really happy with them at first, very bright, instant on - not like the florescent bulbs they replaced. However, over the last few days I have become aware that I can not listen to our weather radio, an FM radio, or HF radio with these bulbs on. They totally block out the wx radio, they produce a lot of noise on FM radio, and they increase the noise level on 14m by 5 S units. I am therefore taking these back to Costco for credit. I have also contacted FEIT Electric about this and await a reply. They need to do a much better job of engineering the power supply circuitry so they do NOT cause this harmful interference with radio communications.
BTW, I also tried installing ferret core snap on filters to the power leads in the can lighting, but it had no affect on the noise. .

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