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Selecting Proper Transistors for IF Amps Jul 8th 2021, 00:27 3 6,750 on 4/2/23
How to Stack two Triband Yagis Jun 18th 2021, 18:08 4 5,345 on 22/7/21
Refurbishing Old Yagi Jun 6th 2021, 11:38 1 4,905 on 6/6/21

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Array vs End feed vs Dipole W4CWL on 14/1/22
This is a very old post, so I can assume that you've learned what you needed to know, but I will make my comments here. The dipole is a simple antenna that will work wo a tuner on it's frequency, and multiples of that freq. A 40 meter dipole will work on 15 meters, and an 80 meter dipole will work on 10 meters. Add a tuner, and you can work a few more bands. It's easy to put up and get you on the air for Field Day if you are going for ease and speed. It's slightly directional with nulls on the ends. On the other end of things, if you build up a Four Square Array of verticals, you can operate switches in your shack, or go out and switch them in the yard, and you can steer the directivity in any direction you want it to go. But you have had to put forth a whole lot of effort to achieve that luxury. By an End Feed, I believe you are speaking of an End Fed Long Wire. Here you pretty much need to have an antenna tuner. If you have a fairly long length of wire, and have it up the higher the better, you can achieve good propagation with relatively little directivity. Good Luck!
How to Stack two Triband Yagis WB5EMX on 22/7/21
Apparently this is done more frequently in Europe than in the U.S. Using two yagis in parallel tends to reduce QSB.
Selecting Proper Transistors for IF Amps WB5EMX on 8/7/21
I have decided to build up some IF strips. I've never done this. I would like to see a discussion r.e. choice of transistor (what, aside from Ft determines a good candidate?), and I would like some recommendations of various types (i.e., some BJTs, some mosfets, or other types) so I can look up their specs, and maybe buy some.
Oh, and if there are other comments r.e. IF Amps, I'm interested. Also feel free to PM me at
Thanks, Bob, WB5EMX
How to Stack two Triband Yagis WB5EMX on 19/6/21
Incredible response, VT. Answered my question with surgical accuracy. I'll dig around in the Antenna Book, do a bit of self educating.
How to Stack two Triband Yagis WB5EMX on 18/6/21
I have a couple of Triband Yagis for 10, 15, and 20 meters. I'd like to stack them. Is this when one should use a Wilkerson Power Divider? How far apart should they be placed? Suppose I purchase the kit to run one on 30 meters. Can I run them paired up except for 30? Has anybody done this before? What kind of spacing was used, and what technique was used to harness them? Thanks. Bob, WB5EMX

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