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Hi Fi AM 1000095588H80 on 13/11/13
I don't know how you determine what the power of station is running unless you are close enough to take a measurement with calibrated equipment. I know that people say that there is an "AM window" but in reality anyone with a General class license can work any frequency from 3800 to 4000 kcs. I don't particularly like the attitude of many of the people running "wideband AM"but I will move to another part of the band if I need to. I also find that many people on the ham bands have seemed to set their radios on a frequency and cut off the tunning shaft. I will operate AM where ever I find an open space. I don't restrict myself to a "band plan" that a group of people have arbitrarialy set years ago.I like using the lower end of the 75 meter band 3.700 to 3.725 kcs. and on 40 I like 7.125 to 7.150 that way I don't have to contend with SWBC at the top of the band.
What rigs do you use for AM operation and why do you like using AM? W1RFIAdmin on 6/10/11
I have an old DX-100 and an SP-600 that I use on HF for AM and I
always get good reports. However it is s myth that you need to use
old boat anchors to have a good time on HF AM. I have also used an Icon 756 Pro and the audio was very good. I just didn't mention my rig unless I was asked. I have always liked AM and tubes. I believe that tubes give a richer warmer sound. If you want to get on you can do it for less than 200 bucks. You don't need big amps or large antennas. All you need is a goot transmitter (DX-35) for example, reasonable receiver,( Halicrafters S-40) and a dipole. That will get you on 20 meters 14.286 or up on 10 meters 28.1 to 28.2 . There you can have a great time, meet alot of good people and hear great quality audio. All with stuff you can get at a ham fest at very reasonable prices.
73 Norb KF0XO

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