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5-Band WAS Requirements N0NA on 25/8/11
Thanks, Zack. I'd read "Rule #2" but it didn't sunk in as to what it meant. Fortunately, I see that the Geritol Net (where I earned my 80M WAS back in 1978) is still operating, so it'll be fun to rejoin that group and rework 80M WAS.

I never thought about HI hams having it easier than the rest of us with regard to propagation on the higher bands. On 80M, I always envied RI hams who always seemed to be in high demand from WAS seekers.
5-Band WAS Requirements N0NA on 25/8/11
Thanks, Dave. I think you're right, but I haven't been able to find anything official and in writing. The 50 mile limit (which I've found in the WAS rules) makes sense since it would be unfair for a rich ham to be able to travel to each of the 50 states, make a local contact, and get credit for WAS. But, for 5BWAS, I can't see how earning WAS in 5 different states would be any easier than working 5BWAS from a single location. So, I was hoping that I wouldn't have to redo my 80m WAS.

My appologies for posting this here. I guess it should be in the Awards fourm.
5-Band WAS Requirements N0NA on 24/8/11
Does anyone know if all contacts must be made from the same QTH? I worked 80-meter WAS many years ago when I lived in a different state. Now, after a move to a new QTH and three decades of inactivity, I'd like to try for 5-Band WAS. It'd be nice if I didn't have to redo the 80-meter WAS.

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