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Installing HF Antenna on 2009 Corvette? 0006057334H80 on 27/7/11
K8JE: No offense meant but.... are you insane? The last time I heard something like this was when a guy wanted me to mount a CB antenna in the center of the roof of his brand new Mercedes! Ugh! LOL.

BTW, a friend of his gave him the hole punch, drill bits, etc. so he could do it himself. He drilled the 1/4 pilot hole and then punched out the hole for the antenna. The antenna dropped through the hole into the car! He just moved down on the roof 6" and drilled another hole. I watched him do this and had the "snakes" for two days!
Cleaning variable capacitor bearings w1rfi on 27/7/11
Brake cleaner will work.... WD-40 will work almost as good. What household doesn't have WD-40? After the bearing is cleaned out good, forget it. The WD-40 will have lubricated the bearing as well as cleaned it.

BTW, WD-40 is excellent for removing oil based paint and greasy grim from the hands.

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