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Operating Furniture aa6e on 9/1/12
Interesting topic!
My own situation is that my 60" x 32" desk in my spare bedroom/office/shack is a cluttered mess and I need to do something drastic... so I asked my wife. She was happy I asked and introduced me to a friend of a friend who designs custom furniture, primarily for yachts.

After she got over the initial shock of ham radio equipment and monitors on my desktop, she had an excellent suggestion - logically divide the room to use one wall for radios and computers, leaving the rest of the room for a chair and a futon.

The wall designated for ham radio and computers is 11' long, 9' ceilings and has a large window near the center that's 4' wide, but 42: off the floor.

The designer sketched a simple cabinet and shelf combination that goes is built from office cabinets - very much the same product as kitchen cabinets and available pretty much wherever you'd buy kitchen cabinets. I carefully measured and took the sketch down to the Big Box store and we put together a bill of materials to execute the drawing.

We were careful to allow for removable panels in the wide foot well so that I can hide my computers and provide a means to ventilate equipment heat into the attic through a closet.

I'm starting with the lower tier - I'm going to install lower cabinets to start, then a custom countertop that's 33 inches deep with a 3" wide cable trough built in the back edge. Then, another countertop 10" above the first, so that it is just underneath the window, that continues across to bookshelves and cabinets that go on either side and across the top of the window.

Cabinets are available in stock sizes with fillers on one end to give a custom appearance, exactly like "custom" kitchen cabinets are done.

If I had ordered the least expensive cabinets and countertops, I could have done this wall for about $1k, I spent more than a bit extra because I live in a humid location and wanted a higher quality wood.

Six to eight weeks for delivery. I'll post back as the project progresses.

To answer WJ9Q's question, my desktop height will be 31". Standard is between 28 and 32" - it really depends on your working height in your office chair. My desk surface ill be 31" high with a pull out keyboard tray at 28".

So, for less than a new transceiver, you can have a nice built-in office!


Mickey N4MB

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