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Balun Basics W4WCS on 4/3/12
There are two sites that deal well with RF baluns and chokes.

A lot of good info that does not get lost in Calculus
How to Remove Cigarette Smoke from a Newer Solid State Transceiver? WB1GCM on 6/2/12
I have been restoring rigs for years and have developed a method that has served me well for over 15 years. Contact me cateswa at msn dot com and I'll send you a pdf file.

Xcvr Repairs? AC0XU on 6/2/12
Vintage or "boat anchor" rig popularity has exploded over the last 10 years. User groups abound for just about any radio you come across. Yahoo user groups for Kenwood number in excess of 100. Go to Yahoo user groups and search for your rig. Join the group, introduce yourself and explain your difficulty. Or just Bing or Google your rig you will be supprised at what you find.

73, WD0GOF

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