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EchoLink - IRLP


Audio from W1AW’s CW code practices and CW/digital/phone bulletins is available using EchoLink via the W1AW Conference Server “W1AWBDCT.” The audio is sent in real-time and runs concurrently with W1AW’s regular transmission schedule.

Audio from the twice-monthly W1AW Qualifying Run is also available off of W1AWBDCT.

All users who connect to the conference server are muted. Please note that any questions or comments about this server should not be sent via the “Text” window in EchoLink. Please send any questions or comments to

Please note that W1AW is also present on the list of active EchoLink stations.  However, W1AW is listed as "BUSY" since this connection is used for the conference server. Therefore, DO NOT connect to W1AW.  To listen, you must connect to W1AWBDCT (node 501433).

For more information about EchoLink, visit the EchoLink website. Go Now




IRLP - Internet Radio Linking Project - has been around since 1997.  It is another way to communicate using Amateur Radio and VoIP.  For more information, visit the IRLP website. Go Now

W1AW operates its own IRLP node (4292) on 147.425 MHz (Simplex) with a 100 Hz CTCSS tone.  This node is in operation primarily for EMCOMM use.  However, the node is usually monitored during daily regular visitor operating times. The node is non-operational during regular broadcast times.


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