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Logging contact during HF nets KI4PW on 26/2/19
The easiest way to participate in nets and log contacts is to use NetLogger. Google it, read about it and download it. On the home page there are 5 blue buttons at the top and you will only need to use 3 of them: "Select Net", "AIM Window" and "Log Contact". Click on "Select Net" to see which nets are currently running. Click on the one you'd like to see and then click "Monitor Net" at the lower left of the page. Once the net populates, you can click "AIM Window" at the top to IM anyone on the net who also has the AIM Window open. AIM stands for, "Almost Instant Message"...there's about a 10 second delay in posts on AIM. To log a contact, you click on the signal report windows of the person you are having a contact with, type in the reports for send and receive, than click "Log Contact" at the top of the page. You will see the contact populate with all info below the list of net participants. These contacts can be easily loaded into eQSL and LoTW via "eLogs" tab at the top of the page.

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