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Legality of using SSTV MP73-N on 30m? May 10th 2012, 13:39 3 7,509 on 26/5/12
QST in electronic format Mar 20th 2012, 20:22 21 16,448 on 12/8/14
Open letter to manufacturers Nov 4th 2011, 13:55 5 8,756 on 11/11/11
Emmision designator of MP-73n SSTV mode Jul 27th 2011, 05:38 3 9,251 on 28/7/11

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Digital QST Survey on 26/8/13
The extremely poor decision that arrl made for the format of digital qst, along with other counterproductive and just plain wrong policies (like championing un-attended Winlink stations, promoting contests that make it very hard for nets like MMSN and damn near impossible for rag-chewers to operate etc...) are making me heavily think about not renewing my ARRL membership this year. We need an organization that is responsive to its members, not an organization that puts its own agenda ahead of the wishes of its members. It is becoming very clear to me that arrl no longer gives a crap about what is best for its members or Amateur radio, it only cares about keeping the $$$ rolling in. Therefore I will not be renewing my membership.
QST for iPad? K3EP on 17/8/13
This is just another reason why nxtbook/adobe air was a very poor choice by arrl for digital qst. They REALLY should have gone with non-DRM infested PDF. The extremely poor decision that arrl made in this case is one of several reasons that I am seriously considering NOT renewing my arrl membership in a few weeks.

Basically arrl is unresponsive to its members, and doesn't care what its members want, nor does it care about whats best for Amateur Radio. Its becoming more and more obvious that all they care about is to keep the $$$$ rolling in. Since Android devices now hold a larger share of the smartphone and tablet markets, why no app to make reading qst on android devices possible? Just another poor decision.
retransmission of frequency n2nlm on 4/8/13
Hi. I know that years ago it was legal to monitor via a scanner, but not to disclose any content to a party that was not listening at the time. However, that may have changed. Thats why I advised n2nlm to check things out. If the retransmission is real time, it is probably legal.

I have to say that reguardless of legalities, that hams interupting and critiquing is definetly rude and obnoxious!
Impedance Matching HF xof7fox on 2/8/13
In general a balun is not needed for a resonant dipole. Many things can affect the actual impedence at the feedpoint. Such as height above the ground, nearby buildings/trees/objects etc... Also, it may not be possible for the antenna to be completely strait or level, and one or both legs may have to be bent to fit available space.

If the dipole is in an inverted V configuration, the feedpoint impedence is closer to 50 ohms. It is seldom possible to set up a perfect antenna...there are almost always compromises necesitated by available supports etc...
Why there isn't more activity on these forums Bart_KJ6BWB on 29/7/13
It is clear to me that the ARRL leadership is not as interested in changing to meet the needs and expectations of it's members as it is in some of the leadership's private agendas. ARRL no longer seems to respond to its members. I sent several emails (about issues with digital qst) that have not gotten a reply after 2 weeks or so. Also, letters on certain subjects (that do not fit with the leadership's agendas) are never printed in the corespondence column.

Its pretty sad and pathetic that ARRL no longer seems to care about what is best for it's members, nor whats best for Amateur radio. I will probably not be renewing my membership, as ARRL no longer represents my interests in Amareur Radio.

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