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Digital QST crashes constantly on iPad3 K9AO on 25/12/12
I also have an iPad3 (64GB, wifi, no cel-capability). The QST app worked OK for me at first in October - I had downloaded just about all issues, and read/browsed a couple.

Then an update. At first, the app fired up, but I had terrible trouble viewing covers, and couldn't download or read anything :-(

I followed the FAQ steps, restarting my iPad and removing/reinstalling the QST app... Now, every time I try to start the QST app, it crashes back to the desktop immediately. No other apps (mis-)behave like this. I briefly see the ARRL splash screen, then right back to the desktop.

I'm fully up-to-date with iOS 6.0.1, bone-stock and lightly-used ipad with 1/2-dozen other apps (I use my iPad almost exclusively as an eReader, with Stanza and iBooks principally).
Electronic QST problems on Linux K0STK on 16/7/12
I am unable to view anything, whether it's any of my Linux systems at work, or at home :-( I don't even get super-imposed images :-( My available machines run Gentoo, with Firefox, Chrome, Konqueror, and Epiphany.

The best I can achieve is a little animated spinner, saying "Wait while loading" It's too bad this doesn't work :-(

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