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Suggest an "Affiliated Clubs" forum W3BC on 22/10/11
This year, my Director invited me to participate in the Division Cabinet meeting where one of the topics was, "Clubs: Where the Rubber Meets the Road." As a publisher of a seven-club newsletter, I was encouraged by the recognition that local clubs are the focus of local activity. Along with many others, I am convinced that the most important local resource for Amateur Radio is the local amateur radio club. It is through the clubs that licensing classes and exams are offered, operating activities are promoted and carried out, Public Service activities are organized and a lot of fun is had.

Sadly, membership in many clubs is falling off, and the activity levels are dropping. A forum where club leaders could discuss successful ideas for promoting club activities, attracting and retaining members, and rejuvenating their members' activity levels would be a very important and well-received addition to these forums.

I'm available for help in any way, and I praise your efforts so far with this forum project. Let's hope it keeps its positive, forward momentum, and I'm sure it will from all the helpful hams I've seen here so far!

Joe W3BC
fcc license fazuolas on 22/10/11
You can modify your license online. Visit where you can log in (or register if you haven't yet set up a user account.)

Once you log in with your FRN and password, you will see a list of your licenses. Click on your amateur license.

On the right there is a box titled, "Work on this license." Click on the link that says, "Update."

Answer the questions and make the corrections. If your name is changed, you will have to certify that you are still the same person and not transferring the license to someone else by selecting "No" in the dropdown box after the "If the licensee name is being updated,..." verbiage.

You will receive a corrected license document in the mail, and your information will be updated in the ULS database.

Pretty simple, for the most part. The hardest part is logging on the first time and setting your password. After that you're good to go!

Joe W3BC

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