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Operating Permit Information

India (VU)
While there is a bilateral reciprocal agreement between the US and India, there are steps that must be taken to obtain a permit. The current information on foreign nationals operating in India will be found at

Indonesia (YB)
It is possible to obtain an operating permit for visitors to Indonesia. We recommend you contact the IARU national member society - Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia (ORARI) – at for specific details.

Iran (EP)
We do not have current information on licensing in Iran.

Iraq (YI)
For information on current licensing in Iraq, contact the Iraq Amateur Radio Society at or

Ireland (EI)
For visitors, Ireland is a participant in CEPT.

Israel (4X)
Israel offers full reciprocity to amateurs from countries that have implemented CEPT T/r 61-01, See:

Italy (I)
For visitors, Italy is a participant in CEPT.

ITU Headquarters (4UxITU)
It may be possible to operate as a guest from the ITU Headquarters station in Geneva, but potential visitors need to make arrangements well in advance. Contact International Amateur Radio Club at:
International Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 6
CH-1211 Geneva 20
Or by email at:

Because of security precautions, this process should be started several months before your proposed visit. Since the station is located in a secured facility, it is not possible to just "drop in" and try to operate.

Jamaica (6Y)
For more information see
For assistance contact their IARU liaison Basil C. Davidson, 6Y5DB at

The information on their licensing authority is:
Spectrum Management Authority
13-19 Harbour Street
Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.
Phone: + 876 929 8550 / 8520
Fax: +876 960 8981

Japan (JA)
The national society website is Information on applying for a reciprocal license is found at

Jordan (JY)
Licensed visitors have access to the Royal Jordanian Radio Amateurs Society headquarters station (JY6ZZ) during working hours. It is also possible for short-term visitors to obtain an operating permit, but requires three or more months to obtain the permit. Information is found at

Kazakhstan (UN)
Queries on operating from Kazakhstan should be directed to their National IARU society at

Kenya (5Y-5Z)
Short term visitor operating information can be found at

Kiribati (T3)
The application for a license is found online at

Korea (South) (HL)
Details on visitors licensing is found at

Kosovo (Z6)
Kosovo is currently not a signatory to the CEPT agreements. Questions regarding visitor operations in Kosovo may be directed to

Kuwait (9K)
Short-term visitors to Kuwait will find information on-line at and may contact the Kuwaiti Amateur Radio Society for additional information at

Kyrgystan (EX)
For information on visitor operations contact George Lazarev, EX2M at, who may be able to assist you.

Laos (XW)
We have no current information of contact for operators vising Laos.

Lebanon (OD)
Details of obtaining a Foreign Resident’s Operators License, including downloading documents, may be found at

Lesotho (7P)
For information on amateur radio in Lesotho please visit: or by email to

Liberia (EL)
The IARU national society for Liberia is Liberia Radio Amateur Association (LRAA) and can assist with licensing issues for visitors. Contact via email at

Libya (5A)
Thee is no reciprocal agreement between the US and Libya. Your best contact for information would be Abubaker Alzway, 5A1AK at

Macau (XX9)
Visitors wishing to operate from Macau should contact their national IARU society – the Associacao dos Radioamadores de Macau – at well in advanced of the planned arrival to see what the current procedures entail.

Madagascar / Malagasy Republic (5R-5S)
For information on obtaining a license to operate in the Malagasy Republic visit

Malawi (7Q)
Amateur operators are licensed by the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA).
Contact MACRA at:
9 Salmin Amour Road Private Bag 261 Blantyre, Malawi
Phone: +265 (0) 1 810497

Malaysia (9M)
The guidelines for the amateur radio service in Malaysia can be found in PDF format here:

Maldives (8Q)
Information on foreign licensing can be found at If you need assistance, you can contact the Maldives Amateur Radio society at:

Mali (TZ)
The last best contact information for Mali would be to contact the Secretary of the Club des Radioamateurs et Affilies du Mali [CRAM] (the IARU member society) shown on the IARU Website as Amadou Madany Tall, TZ6AMT at or the President of CRAM Hamadoun Yattara, TZ6HY at

Malta (9H)
For information go to the main Malta Amateur Radio League website at and from the tabs on the left select "Articles" where there is posted information about Obtaining a visitor's licence for ham holiday makers in Malta.

Marshall Islands (V7)
The has a reciprocal agreement with the Marshall Islands. The application form can be found online at

Mauritania (5T)
The US does not have a reciprocal operating agreement with Mauritania. No IARU information is available.

Mauritius (3B)
Go to the Mauritius Amateur Radio Society webpage at and on the left hand side of the page select "Visitor License" for information. The application form may be found at:

Mexico (XE)
There have been significant changes in Mexico’s telecommunications structure. CoFeTel has been replaced by a new telecommunications agency - IFT. At this time there are no procedures in place for US licensees (or those from other nations) to obtain a valid license in Mexico or to operate under a reciprocal agreement.

Mongolia (JT)
The Mongolian Radio Sports Federation [MRSF] is the IARU member society for Mongolia. The best contact for information on operating from Mongolia is MRSF Secretary Bat-Erdene Zevgee, JT1CS The link to the application form is:

Morocco (CN)
Information on obtaining a temporary license is found at:
Queries can be directed to their IARU member society at or on Facebook at

Mozambique (C8 – C9)
There is not readily available information on either the IARU Society in Mozambique and there is no current website or email address available. The National Society is Liga dos Radio Emissores de Mocambique [LREM] with the last known address of P.O. Box 25, Maputo, Mozambique.

Myanmar (XY – XZ)
There does not appear to be any direct way for visiting amateurs to operate from Myanmar.

Namibia (V5)
Information on visiting operations from Nambia can be found at

Nauru (C2)
While it appears possible for visitors top operate, navigating to the right governmental office may be difficult. Your best bet is to start with an inquiry to the government’s website which you can find at

Nepal (9M)
The government addresses amateur radio licensing on a case by case basis. The government contact information is: Minister of Communication and Information Technology; Singha Durbar, Kathmandu. Telephone: +977-1-4211556 Email: URL:

New Caledonia (FK)
Participates in CEPT through its ties to France.

New Zealand (ZL)
Visitors to New Zealand will find the information online at

Nicaragua (YN)
Very detailed instructions will be found at

Niger (5U)
We do not have any current information or contacts for amateur radio in Niger.

Nigeria (5N)
The best current information appears to be through the Nigerian Communications Commission at The Nigerian Amateur Radio Association has a Facebook page at but note there hasn’t been recent activity on this page.

Niue (ZK2)
Direct your inquiries to the Director General of Infrastructure


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