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SOFA Agreement

US Military, Civilians and Their Dependants Under the Jurisdiction of the US Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA)


FROM: Daniel Wolff (KA7AGN)

SUBJECT: Reciprocal German Amateur Radio Guest License Application Instructions (SOFA).

1. This letter provides general guidance on how to request a reciprocal German amateur radio guest license by individuals who are under the jurisdiction of the US Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and living in Germany.
2. Applicants must have a valid US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) amateur radio license and mustaccomplish the following:

a. Complete the reciprocal German amateur radio guest license application. Important: both, your military mailing address (APO) and your local German mailing address are required. If you don't know what your local German mailing address is then ask your Military Postal System (MPS) office for assistance. Your reciprocal German amateur radio license will only be mailed to your German mailing address. Incompletely filled out applications or failure to provide the supporting documentation will likely cause delays.

b. Read and understand the German Amateur Radio Service Regulations. These are available from the Bundesnetzagentur or the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC).

c. Your application package must include the following supporting documents:
- the signed original reciprocal German amateur radio license SOFA application.
- a photocopy of your valid FCC amateur radio license.
- a photocopy of the SOFA stamp (or card) placed inside your passport.
- a photocopy of your official military or Government orders or another official document that clearly
shows that you are stationed or working in Germany.
- they may also request a photo copy of the front side of your military ID card. They use the date
on your ID card to determine how long to initially issue you the license for.

d. Forward the completed application and supporting documents via mail or email to:

Bundesnetzagentur Außenstelle Dortmund
Alter Hellweg 56
D-44379 Dortmund
Tel: +49 (0)231-9955-260

3. The Bundesnetzagentur will notify you of any license fees due after they process your application package. If you wish to follow-up on the status of your application you can contact the Bundesnetzagentur via email or phone.

Mr. Daniel V. Wolff, Jr.

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